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Tom Clifford
3 min readMay 9, 2023


Back again for their immersive new era medical know-how is Boehringer Ingelheim. They wanted a voice, a sound that was hi-tech-ish to introduce the world to their 3D virtual iMetaVerse. I was told that this is real futuristic stuff for the medical field. You know ~ “You’re traveling through time in a multi-sensory emotional connection with patients…Up ahead, it’s the first live ILD use case that allows clinicians to virtually live their patients symptoms vicariously”!

Picture a holodeck of sorts that unfolds into a virtual environment where patients and caregivers can feel as though they are in the same space together. Alright, it ain’t like living on the moon. But, this is the sort of thing the future looked like it would be, as a kid attending the ‘64/65 NY Worlds Fair. Which brings us to the voice-over character of Peter Thomas. Peter, for me, has always been associated with “That Fair” with his transitional narration on the Travelers Insurance Exhibit.

Peter’s VO portrayal in Travelers “The Triumph of Man” Exhibit, typifies for me the voice of the future. Doug Rain’s voice characterization of HAL in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, could very well have been fashioned after Peter’s story-telling delivery in the Exhibit’s dioramas. Peter’s read could be described as sounding a bit lilting with a dash of that disembodied thing goin’ on.

He’s the perfect sound to satisfy that hi-tech-ish direction we got from the agency, but with a small hitch. Why not make ’em a bit younger and pick up a little of the you’tz market.

The agency came back with a tightly cut video packed with holographic virtual environments that’s accented with a cool electro-techno music track, plush animated graphics and actual ground breaking advancements in medicine. Considering the daily diet of A.I. these days, it’s nice to be still working, even if it’s moonlighting as the iconic Peter Thomas’ younger self!

Click to check out iMetaVerse video on BLOG.

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by:Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services
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