Tom Clifford
1 min readSep 12, 2019

The Mortuary Haunted Mansion Presents - The Cult Of 13…with Tom Clifford’s high energy Creepy-Guy voice scaring-up some shocking results for Friday The 13th believers!

Tom Clifford Voice-Over artist is featured on The Mortuary’s The Cult of 13 video promo with promo graphic

The season is beginning sooner each year it seems. In particular with years that contain a Friday the 13th early in it’s Halloween calendar…as with this year’s (Friday-the-13th) in September. Making this season begin about a week or two earlier than traditional Halloween season openers.

Here’s the opening line from this year’s video promo of the new The Cult of 13 attraction at NOLA’s The Mortuary Haunted Mansion.

One of the greatest phobias known to man is the fear of Friday the 13th. You believe that something terrible is going to happen. You become paralyzed with fear and feel powerless to overcome FEAR, TERROR, PANIC. Dare to face your wildest nightmares! Experience Friday the 13th at The Mortuary Haunted Mansion.

Sorta gets you all creeped-out…or laughin your ass off. Check out the promo trailer for lots of chills & thrills from — The VoiceOverGuy. This is probably not advisable viewing by younger audiences;