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4 min readSep 6, 2023

The Mortuary Scares Up Results for Halloween’s Friday the 13th/Pee-Wee Tribute

The Halloween season is creepin’ along in all its pre-pandemic glory. Pre-pandemic, is sounding a bit lame at this point in time. Guess you could realistically say; there are people out there scratching their heads going…what pandemic.

Of course those people are ‘THREE YEAR’s OLD’!

But, wait, there’s something else out to get you…at least in NOLA country. Imagine you and your betrothed exchanging vows at The Mortuary Haunted Mansion on Friday the thirteenth for Your BLOOD WEDDING… and you’re The Mortuary’s guest of honor! Welcome to this season’s theme — Here come the brides…looking for their grooms. Actually, this is a pretty cool concept and a perfect alternative progression to the ‘what to do on date-night’ kinda stuff. And nobody has to get locked in a car trunk like in those yester-years…He He He He.

Here’s the skinny — Pop the question to your dearest love, dare them and 20 of your closest friends to join the Mortuary Vampires on Friday the thirteenth of October for Your BLOOD WEDDING! Make it a goth happening. Go all out and do it up right with a pair of Wolowitz’ fake tattoo sleeves! It’s an Eternal Union ‘Till Death Do Us Part’…not-to-be-confused with a Netflix retribution clause.

You’ll get to send out cool invites like “The Eternal Prince of the Air and the Undying Queen of Darkness are forming an eternal union. This Halloween, your presence is requested for the Blood Wedding and Grand Feast at The Mortuary Haunted Mansion…So, come by this Hallows Eve and join us. Wear your darkest attire and be prepared to dance forever on the knife’s edge of destruction. Bring the gift of the crimson manna that fills your veins and be prepared to meet Eternity”! Not your idea of being able to read the room…

The Mortuary’s text goes on to say; Do you not Fathom, O Mortal, that you are so much more than a mere wedding guest? More than some doting debutante or royal foxtrot! You, Dearest, are the most important part of the night’s ceremony! It is an honor… To perpetually fill the Wedding Cup with the red wine of your life blood …to fatten the Mortuary’s larder with delectable delicacies for the Grand Feast… this Honor is yours, O Mortal, and yours alone! Indeed, what a delicious honor!

Some of you will indeed taste the rich nectar of the Nights Herald, and slip beneath the intoxicating waves of the Red Sea, only to be reborn in our own image, a Creature of the Night, feeling your life’s sweet essence become one with the Tribes of the Moon. And, yet, others will sink irrevocably into an eternal oblivion deep down into the still, black void…Drink in the Darkness”. (fade to Black)

Saddened by the news of Paul Reuben’s passing after a six year fight with lung cancer we pay tribute.

Paying tribute on Instagram at the time of Paul Reubens death earlier this month, was Weird Al Yankovic, who said: “What a dear, sweet man. He was always so lovely to me and my family, and we’re all so enormously sad today.” Paul, is best known for his character of Pee-Wee Herman.
“The world lost an icon, and I lost an old friend. We love you, Paul.” Eric Appel, who directed the movie Weird the Al Yankovic biopic, and thinking about a biopic on Reubens, was asked who he wanted to play Paul. Eric said he would like to get actor Jorma Taccone to take on the role.

He had previously starred as the Pee-wee Herman character in WEIRD and is one-third of the sketch comedy troupe The Lonely Island, with childhood friends Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer. Below, we pay tribute to Paul with a not-too-shabby rendition of Pee-Wee’s voice on IFC’s Thanksgiving promo.

by:Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services
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