Tinol paints does Int’l Color Day with Tom Clifford (VoiceOverGuy)

Tom Clifford
3 min readApr 4, 2023


The fine folks over at Tinol Paints came-a-callin again…gratefully, the crickets were talkin’ about puttin’ the band back together. This time the creative team at Tinol wanted the performance to be inviting, motivating and catchy. You know, a break-thru-the-clutter sound to introduce the world to the International ‘Color Day’ Competition with the theme of “Tinol Colors Speak in a Thousand Ways”.

They were putting a lot of effort to get as much splash as they could muster, mister. It was a fun gig and we just went with the flow. Click to Play

This was an entirely different campaign from when we first joined talents last year on the politically charged and the Pikasso Silver award winning “You Name It” campaign. Not that there’s anything wrong with spreading the democratic word or trying to dismantle the political rhetoric ranging from the social liberal left and conservative right to ultra left/right and ultimately fanatic. How’s that Blue and Red lookin’ to ya.

We were proud to be representing a company that’s taking a stand for the cause…for its country and its unity and freedom for all.

What we’re being asked to do for the competition spots is to simply call upon the public to submit their best colorful picture. All in an attempt to celebrate the colorful holidays ahead — Easter, May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, etc., with Tinol colors. We’ll be auditioning Bugs for Easter if that’s something that might have leggs for the coming holiday.

With the stormy winds startin’ to be a’blowin here in Manhattan over the Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford -No Relation) hush money pay-out case, we thought a tribute video could be in order. Nothing too ‘strongly’ or badly in nature. Just a little good natured spoofing…before the world ends…as we know it.

We’ve been hearing Paul McCartney’s “Let ’em In” tune in our collective heads and it seemed to be some sort of calling within this tune…but weren’t sure just how. Then we wondered no more, those lyrics just needed some adjusting, that’s all. Yes, that’s the ticket. Then came the news…Trump is indicted! We were almost there!

Now came time for the re-wrapping of the lyrics…and achieving that high octave voice of Pauly. We made a few attempts and no dice. Too fake or strained. So, why not all-out satirical. We got a stanza outta some brain equity and pretty much went along with the original lyrics until some interchanges were made with today’s narratives.

The Stormy spoof can be off key in spots and Paul occasionally bleeds through, but it still manages to get-a-laugh when it lands on target (below).

by:Tom Clifford, VoiceOver & Creative Services

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